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How do I care for my Canvas bag?Updated 9 months ago

We hand dye our canvas in small batches in LA and sew them at our very own factory. They are hand frayed for a relaxed look and trimmed in vegetable-tanned leather. 

We recommend treating your bag before use with a fabric protector like Scotchgard or 303 Fabric Guard for waterproofing and stain-proofing. Spot clean any area that has a set-in stain. Our dyes are strong–start with a standard stain remover per product directions and timing to weaken the stain.

Next, with a fine spray bottle or damp cloth, wet the area with a mild detergent solution and massage until the stain lifts. To rinse, apply fresh water and blot dry with an absorbent towel repeatedly until the detergent is removed. Air dry.

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