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How do I care for my Veg Tan Leather products?Updated 2 years ago

Vegetable tanned leather is as old as civilization itself and still has no rival. Animal hides are tanned with a mixture of plant based materials such as tree bark, wood, leaves, fruit, and roots. The tannins from these natural materials slowly stabilize the proteins in the hide over a period of weeks and make the leather soft and workable. Since these types of hides only take a thin layer of surface dye and are not pigmented, only A grade hides get to become veg-tan. 

  • The easiest and most sure way to take care of stains and scrapes is to ask a professional. Your local shoe repair will know exactly what to do for most any problem. 

  • Whether it's a simple wipe down with water and a damp sponge or the application of waxes, balms or oils, consistent coverage and distribution across the full face of the leather panel is key for even blending in the final look. Do not spot clean or spot spot apply. 

  • Use a simple lime juice solution for surface stains, smudges and dirt. A lime water treatment is the best way to clean light surface stains, but it is also used to maintain the original light hue for a longer time. 
    • Directions: Mix ½ cup water, fresh squeezed juice from 1 lime, 2-3 drops of bleach. Dampen a sponge or cloth with the lime solution and wipe evenly over the entire face of the leather panel. Do not spot clean. Let dry. Repeat as needed. 

  • When applying oils, waxes, creams or soaps the leather will naturally begin to look darker. Waxes and creams darken less because they are mostly surface treatments and tend to lighten with time. Oils go in deep and stay. The same rules of application apply. Smooth and even coverage is always the best method.
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