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What is Merino wool felt and how to I keep it clean?Updated 9 months ago

Felt is wool. Wool is hair from sheep. It’s that simple. Of the many varieties of wool available, the one we use comes from a specific breed of sheep called Merino. 

The secret of Merino wool is the ultra-fine fibers, which allow it 50% more flexibility and softness than traditional, coarser wool varieties. Merino fibers are typically much longer–creating density, structure, and highly-reduced pilling.

The Merino fibers we use are the thinnest, strongest, and most elastic of all wool varieties. Nature has optimized Merino fibers for thermal protection, water resistance, and antimicrobial properties. When individual fibers with those qualities work together in the millions, interesting things begin to happen!

The best is worth it. We use Merino wool felt exclusively because it is the best felt made. We source it exclusively from two factories in Bavaria where they have been perfecting it for over 100 years. We also use OEKO-TEX® dyes for our felts making sure they are non-toxic and free from harmful chemicals.

The wool used in our felt is sourced exclusively from mulesing-free farms from the pastures of New Zealand, South Africa, South America and Europe.

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