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What is Veg Tan Leather?Updated 9 months ago

Like everything we do, there are reasons we choose vegetable tanned leather for most of our products. From a design standpoint, it’s hard to resist the perfect blend of beauty and utility. But it goes deeper. Along with our beloved Merino wool felt, veg tan leather has been around and in heavy use for a very long time. It’s proven. It’s honest. It’s dependable. What’s not to like?

Vegetable tanning is the same process used for thousands of years. The A1 hides we demand are slow aged in a murky bath of roots, twigs, leaves, and seeds that slowly release tannins and soften the leather. No added chemicals are needed, just lots of vegetable matter and patience while natural chemistry does its thing. After many months, each piece comes to us completely naked and exposed without a waxy finish, chemical coatings, or protection of any kind. That is what gives it the potential of becoming something completely unique and personal. And that is exactly the point.

From the moment you meet our vegetable tanned leather it will begin to change and tell your story. Veg tan leather is always on a journey to find a perfect patina that is unique to you. With sunshine, rain, and the warmth of your hand, it will begin to darken and glow; in deep amber as a slowly blending mosaic of the bumps, scrapes, spills, and spots of everyday life. But not to worry. All is well. Nothing ages as gracefully as veg tan leather.

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