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Face Masks

Everything you need to know about our popular Wirecutter-recommended face masks here.

How do I care for my mask?

How can I wear my mask with or without the nose band?

Put Your own Spin on It. We designed our masks with security, comfort, and freedom in mind. Wear our mask with a flexible metal noseband on top and it can be formed to fit tightly to your nose and facial contours. When you want a softer touch just sp

How do I keep my glasses from fogging?

How do I reduce gapping?

How do I use a filter in my mask?

How do I replace my rubber stopper?

The rubber stopper can be reattached with household items like a bobby pin or paper clip. Place the bobby pin through loop in the elastic and then feed the bobby pin through the rubber stopper. You should be able to tug the rubber stopper back onto t

How do I replace my elastic?

The sides of the masks are actually an open channel. You clip the sewn-in elastic on the sides of the mask and then use our U-Pin tool (or a bobby pin, if you have one) to feed the full piece of elastic through both channels. Then simply tie the loop

Do you still carry masks with over-the-head elastic?

Our over-the-head masks have been discontinued, but we have an easy solution for converting our current Zenbu Masks into an over-the-head style! Simply cut the ear loops at each end and then tie them together at the top and bottom. You may also purch